Early call and a phone upgrade

Tonight is the night.

I prepared myself for a long night of watching the news networks and following electoral vote projections, taking heed from the tight race being projected during the last month of the presidential campaign.  I expected that it will take a while before the networks can call a winner.  Just before the polling precincts closed in Massachusetts, I made a resolution for myself – I decided to let the presidential election decide for me.  See, I have been flip-flopping about getting a phone upgrade.  I believe I am one of the few remaining people who doesn’t have a smart phone.  As I prepared to “hunker down” and follow election updates, I resolved to consider the long overdue phone upgrade if Obama gets re-elected.  It made for a “thrilling” night – I was tuning in to CNN and CBS for their election projections.  Every time they interrupt the program with a projection, my heart would skip a bit.  For the early part of the night, Romney was leading.  By 10pm, Romney was still leading, but the margin is getting closer – New Hampshire went for Obama, while Ohio and Nevada were starting to lean towards Obama.  I switched to CBS for a good hour to follow local election results, where Massachusetts saw their first female senator elected.  A little after 11pm, CNN gave back-to-back-to-back projections, and when they called Ohio for Obama, it was over.  Obama gets re-elected and I get a smart phone.  That’s what I call a win-win scenario. 😉


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