T minus 3: Dots to the right, alright!

Finally, my final experiment (which has been the final experiment for a month or so now) gave me the results that I’ve previously seen, but haven’t been able to replicate with the frozen vials I have stored.  I’ve gone through several vials and even the positive control wasn’t giving me any response.  I needed to show additional controls to demonstrate the specificity of my T cell line and after going through several frozen stocks of said cell line, I found a good vial!  The cell counts were just enough to set-up all the conditions I needed and more than 95% of the cells were viable after doing the assay.  I finally was able to wrap up the revision of my manuscript and address the reviewers’ comments.  What a relief!

Just a couple of the conditions I needed to test my T cell line against.  The cell line responded to influenza virus infection but not to vaccinia virus infection. Sweet!

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