29 days left to my 29th year project

This counting down business has made me think about life in a quantitative manner.  I am not a mathematician or a physicist, thus my version of “quantitative” is very elementary.  I don’t have elaborate formulas or beautiful equations to represent my day-to-day life, I just tend to associate life to a certain number – i.e. 29 days till my 30th birthday; 2 months to go before the defense.; fifteen minutes to write a blog entry; five minute break to play words with friends; five solid pages to accomplish for the dissertation today.  When, I saw this comic from Abstruse Goose (by virtue of clicking the random comic generator on the website until I found something interesting and not fortuitously, as the romantic in me would have wanted),  I envy how people can be so clever in how they look at life.  936 blobs.  Who knew.


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