And I hit the 30-mark

30 days to go.

And now, some random musings.

I decided to give my blog a little makeover.  I realized that the last few posts were mostly bleak and sad (as pointed out by my avid reader, my sister Joanne).  The previous theme that I chose was a little too dark, and maybe changing up the theme a bit to a lighter tone would help brighten up future posts.  I also uploaded a new header, a photo I took of the sunset in Dennis, MA.  I’ve always loved sunsets and sunsets over a body of water are my favorite!

I now have exactly two months until my thesis defense.  The writing has been slow, mostly because I do not push myself too hard.  For a while, I didn’t have the actual defense date because of scheduling conflicts among my committee members.  I fell into a complacent mode – not really caring about how much writing I have done in a day.  But with the date all set and my time running out, I need to compel myself to work hard and write fast.  It’s not an easy task, and I still am overwhelmed as to how I am going to write-up my introduction, but I have most of my chapters done.  I need to take one day at a time, and I’m glad that even if I started working late today, I have added a substantial number of lines and tables to the dissertation, more than what I have added to it in the last 10 days.  One day at a time.

I also have a confession to make…  the progress has been slow because I watched an episode of “Vampire Diaries” and got hooked!  I started last weekend, and now, I have finished Season 1 (all 22 episodes) and I’m 8 episodes into Season 2.  Talk about using my time wisely…. tsktsk.  I didn’t expect that I would like the series, but I did.  A little mindless entertainment while I fold clothes, do chores or get ready for the day… well, I really don’t have good excuse except that I liked the series and can’t get enough of it.  Howell.

Car woes.  Yes.  I have been in and out of the car repair shop this week.  The check engine light of my car lit up, the first time it happened since I got it in 2006.  Turns out I needed to replace a valve (EGR).  My car is old (1997 Accord), but it has served me well.  I really don’t want to shell out any more $$$ because I just paid a deductible for the repairs done after the freak incident in October and I had the rotors and brake pads replaced over the summer.  And the near-accident a couple of weeks ago… But I can’t afford not to have the car fixed.  So out goes another couple of $$$…

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