44: What if…

I almost figured in an accident earlier.

I was on my way home going down a steep street, still with a bit of snow from last night’s wintry precipitation.  I was driving slower than usual, below the speed limit, knowing that it was dark and there could be black ice.  Suddenly a car came out from the left side.  It wasn’t going fast, but apparently the driver didn’t come to a full stop and forgot to look both ways before crossing the intersection.  I’m really glad I had the composure during that split second to step on the brakes calmly (had I stepped on the brakes too quickly I could have swerved because of the incline and the snowy road condition).  I don’t usually use my horn, but during that split second I was pressing on it as if my life depended on it – actually it did at that precise moment. I felt the ABS of my car kick in as I tried my best to prevent an accident.  I finally came to a complete stop and I saw the car just cross the intersection as if nothing happened.  I think I was just inches away from “T-boning” it. From my peripheral vision I saw that the car came to a stop, maybe expecting a confrontation from me, but I was too shaken to even think about getting out and confronting him/her/them.  I am just thankful that somebody up there is really looking after me.  I believe in a guardian angel, and tonight she was there.  For me and for those in the other car.  Thank you for giving me a quiet Friday evening – instead of what could have happened.

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