Vol. 2 – the aftermath

I’ve never asked for anything more

No expectations

No agenda

You know that

I told you, lucky you!


The mind tries to lead

Tells the self confidently

“You did the right thing

You’ve set yourself free

Pouring out your very soul, your very heart.”


But the heart holds on to that little bit of hope

That things will be different

Just a tad of thoughtfulness would have sufficed

A little bit of concern, a feeling that I’ve crossed your mind 

Once in a while.


I want to give you a leeway

To understand

To be patient

Give the benefit of the doubt

But I can’t anymore.


I’ve given you all my aces

You’ve seen all my cards

I’ve bared my self shamelessly

And I thought I’ll be okay with a none-response –

But I’m not.


The least you could do is to tell me

Where you are

Right now

At this moment

For I am getting tired.

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