N=80; Finish Line = (4mo-1mo): Palpitations on a cold midnight

I love the holidays and I love that I am finally wrapping up the many years I’ve spent on my thesis project, but most of tonight and the wee hours of the morning (well it’s only a little after 12 midnight) I have my heart beating like crazy.  Well, it’s been beating like crazy for another reason (we’ll go into that in a different entry, when I’ve collected my thoughts and reflected on this “feeling”).  The last few days I’ve spent doing experiments for my paper, getting the gift-shopping done (and it’s still not done), mailing the first batch of christmas cards, prepping for the upcoming party this Saturday.  I haven’t added anything substantial to my dissertation text since Friday, and I just realized that now; now that I’m doing the grocery list for this weekend’s get together.  I am feeling the stress!  I wish I was more organized than I am – I always say that when I’m stressed, but I know in the end I always push through and conquer.  I just need to take deep breaths, and tell myself that I can do this.  All will fall into their rightful places and I will have one finished chapter before I leave for Texas next week.  Yes, I only have a week before I take off to visit family for Christmas and New Year’s. I’m hoping to get some writing in too during my vacation (good luck to me!) – 10 pages in the next couple of weeks.  Breathe in, breathe out.


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