115: Nostalgia (or reminiscing those days pre-Facebook)

I spent most of today sorting through tons and tons of clutter – paper, magazines, and other stuff – many of which go back to 2004, the year I first came to the United States.  I went through old correspondence as well.  During my first couple of years in the US, my family, in particular my mom, and I used to write letters and send pictures with captions at the back.  I would get a birthday card in the mail, and even got a Valentines Day card once.  But with internet and social networking, the letters trickled down until there were none.  Nowadays, we just send each other a message on Facebook and ask each other to upload recent pictures of their trip, activity, what-have-yous.  I appreciate the convenience that Facebook, email and the like provide – making connections with our loved ones in an instant.  However, I am such a sappy, and romantic being, and I find the old way of corresponding more precious and more meaningful, precisely because you have to put time and effort and thought into your letter writing.  Reading the old letters and looking at printed photos with hand-written captions at the back made me laugh and smile and cry at the same time.  My mom even sent me an old picture of my sister when she was in fourth grade.  My sister sent this to me when I was in high school (I was already living away from home then).  When I read the caption at the back, my heart just melted.  At the same time, it was filled with both a longing to be home and the feeling of being truly loved.  I miss them.  And I’m really lucky that wherever we are, I know we are bound by love and that we are loved.

This photo was taken in 1994, when pictures were taken using cameras that use an actual film.


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