214: random bits

214 days till the big 3-0. I’m finally back on the countdown.  I spent a few seconds before writing this up to figure out where I am exactly on the countdown… it’s been a while.

214 is also a title of a Rivermaya song.  I love this song. I was more of a Rivermaya fan than an Eraserheads fan.  Enough said.

2-14 is my Dad’s birthday.

Yeah, it’s definitely random bits I am writing down here.

What’s not random is the thought pool that is currently swimming in my brain.

Thoughts of research, scientific writing, love, relationships, career, future, family, dance, music, books, food cravings.  An unknown force has led one thought to the next, interconnecting them with one another, making them relevant and in the moment, and they swirl and swim and fill my mind.  I can hardly concentrate in the lab the past couple of days and it’s all because of these thoughts in my head.  I need a thought dumpster.  So, here I am running back to this blog to start emptying my mind of these thoughts.  I just need a good day where I can really focus and finish this task that should have been done last week.  Let it be tomorrow.  Or maybe Friday.



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