214.1: A poem uncovered

I was going through my ipod touch and looking through the notes I’ve written, when I discovered this short poem I wrote about a boy that I have a girly crush on.  This was a few months ago.  I still have a girly crush on this boy and I still see him once in a while.  It’s both funny and weird to find my past self going gaga over this boy that the moment I had with him in the lunchroom prompted me to write this poem.

Those eyes just looking at me

Couldn’t quite decipher

Those tiny twitches

That hint of a smile –

Or was that sarcasm?


You tell me things

I tell you stuff

And I think I’m getting to know you

But do you want to know me?


I hope you read my mind

With the way I looked back at you

And I gave you the shy nod

Hoping you would just tell me.



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