Week 5 of marathon training: 13.1 miles

Well, hello there!  I know, I have been a slacker.  I haven’t updated my blog since I came back from the ASV meeting.  I was hoping to write a longer entry for that week of virology and the side trips that accompanied it, but I just couldn’t find the time.  Anyways, to get back into the groove of blog writing, I would like to share that I ran 13.1 miles (21k) today as part of my marathon training.  I have missed a couple of long runs because of the meeting and the really hot and humid weather that has “plagued” most of the country, but I didn’t really think it would be a problem getting back into schedule and doing the long run for the week since my last long run was 10 miles.  I took the West Boylston rail trail today, or should I say tonight, because I started running a little after 6pm because it was still hot (about 89F/~32C).  The trail had a good tree cover and it was about 10 or so degrees cooler than if I ran on the pavement.  The trail is short of 6 miles out and back, so I did two rounds plus an extra mile or so, which meant that for the last 5 miles of the run, it was almost dusk.  I almost stepped on a snake (good thing there are no poisonous snakes in Massachusetts or I would have really freaked out), saw a beautiful, bright green (almost neon in fact) butterfly fluttering just in front of me, and saw a doe, a deer, a female deer!  That was the highlight of my evening run.  She was just a hundred yards or so away from me, trying to scope the trail to see if it was free of any human being and was beginning to trot to the other side, when she heard me and ran back into the woods.  It was a good-sized deer, taller than me and maybe weighing almost half a ton (I would guess).  I was also happy with my run today.  I didn’t feel too tired during the last mile (which has been the case for my last half-marathon), and it was just a minute or so over 2 hours, which is about 6 minutes better than my last half-marathon.  I feel a little sore, but a good night’s sleep will take care of that.  And on that note, I am hitting the sheets.  Good night!


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