246: First long run of marathon training

I am doing a marathon… again.  The last time I finished one was in 2005, and it was with a training group.  With the progress I have achieved over the last few months, I am confident that I can finish another one again – this time on my own.  The first long run for the week was 9 miles.  With the holiday weekend filled with lots of activities, I’m glad I was able to squeeze in the run.  This was in the Sterling section of the Wachusett Reservoir Rail Trail.  The trail itself was only about 1.6 miles one way, so I had to do a couple of out and backs plus I went out into the country roads to meet my mileage quota for the day.  This part of the rail trail is really beautiful!  I went with my roommate, RM, who biked her way through the trail.  We spent a few extra minutes taking photos.  It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, and with scenery such as those below, it made the run easy to accomplish.

Doing the warrior 3 yoga pose after the 9-mile run.

A fine, fine day for an afternoon run.

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