245: The cornick experiment

My ever dearest mom loves me so much that she sent me different kinds of cornick to try!  (Thanks to Aids for bringing the goodies from my mom!)   Cornick is my favorite snack item from the Philippines.  It is essentially just toasted corn with flavor.  I have been fond of the Boy Bawang brand recently, but my childhood cornick were Taipan and Safari.  I remember I would save some of my school allowance so that I could buy cornick from the sari-sari store during weekends.  This I have to do secretly though because we were not supposed to eat too much junk food.  My roommate ATL’s sister, who recently came to the US for a conference, also brought with her a shopping bag filled with different flavors of Boy Bawang!  I am in cornick heaven! 🙂

With the popularity of the Boy Bawang brand, a lot of other cornick brands have come out.  I guess these are the “rising” competitors of Boy Bawang.  I’ve already finished the W.L. brand chicken flavor cornick and it was goooood!

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