248: Reprise

I was thinking about what to write here, and all that’s in my head is this poem I wrote previously with the phrase “to be deliberate, but not desperate.”  All day, this phrase has been popping in and out of my mind.  I did a quick search of my previous blog posts, and lo and behold – I wrote the poem exactly a year ago!  A little freaky, but very timely…  it depicts the “turmoil” that’s going on in my head and in my heart these past few days (or should I say weeks).

And so, here is a reprise of that short poem I wrote a year ago.

June 30, 2010


Yearning for something

For someone

For that place.

To be deliberate

But not desperate,

To fill a longing

While being hidden.

Reaching the golden mean

Such a daunting task

Do I have to choose one over the other?

I question my motive,

I doubt my emotion.

I let my head be the head

And the one below to succumb.

Is this the hurdle

The risk I have to take

To finally be there.

In that place, with that someone

With that something

That could fill me up

And make everything worth it?

(The next few lines were added today)

Am I worth it?

Are we worth it?

I believe we are.

I hope you do too.



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