257: Summer is here!

Yeah!  I always get excited when summer comes, and it’s finally here!  The last few weeks leading up to the official start of summer were already fun and adventure-filled that I can’t wait for what the rest of the season will bring.

I have a few things lined up for this summer, the marathon training being one of the bigger ones.  This is definitely going to be the most running that I am going to do since I started running – the training plan that I have committed to has me running at five days in a week!  I might have to go easy on some days, and replace the running with a cross-training workout like cycling.  The first day of the training begins this Sunday, and I will be greeting it with a bang – I have a 10k run, and I am aiming for a personal best.  If my 5-mile run today is going to be an indicator of Sunday’s run, I am confident I will be able to do it.

I also plan to read the books on my shelf this summer – I always like to spend time under the shade or by the window during the summer time and be immersed in the narrative.

I have read maybe 30% of the books on these shelves, and I still have other books hidden in other places.  I am starting off my summer reading with F. Sionil Jose’s “Po-on.” This is one of the few books I bought from my last trip to the Philippines.  I have read a couple of F. Sionil Jose’s novels in high school, and I remembered that I liked them.  (I think I got excellent marks for a book report I wrote on his novel “Gagamba”).  Po-on is the first book of his more popular Rosales saga novels.  Set in the late 1800’s around the time of the Gomburza execution, it tells the story of the Salvador family in the Ilocos region.  I just finished reading the first chapter – F. Sionil Jose did a pretty good job laying the backdrop of the story.

The other highlight of the summer is the American Society for Virology meeting which will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota in July.  I will be giving an oral presentation on my thesis work, in particular about this very interesting influenza line that I have.  This presentation is supposed to be the “public appearance” of the journal article that I have been working on for the last six months, but we still haven’t submitted the paper due to some key data that I really wanted to include, but is becoming a pain in the @** to get.  The next two weeks will be spent trying out different experiments to work out the final part of the paper and hopefully be able to include it in my presentation.  I am also planning on having my thesis defense this coming fall, so a good part of the summer will have to be spent on thinking about and writing the dissertation.

This is going to be one productive summer – bring it on!

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