262: The week that was

I’m back!

This was quite a week, overall.  Allow me to summarize the last 7 days that I missed in short phrases and candid photos.

268: Data analysis -cramming mode for Monday’s lab presentation; Run through for Saturday’s indoor soccer tournament; Phone call brigade to inform all the kids about Saturday’s meeting time and place; Choir practice in Cambridge; 1am grocery run to buy snacks for the kids.

(Photo credit: E.C.)  “Let Me Be Your Stillness” speaks for itself – the arrangement and the harmonies move you to be still, to listen and to trust in Him.  We all need that peace in the midst of the daily chaos.


267: E.P.I.C. Tournament!; a birthday party/house blessing where we ended up sharing ghost/supernatural stories/experiences… with some love stories on the side.

266: Taking Boston with Chicago-ers; cramming mode: lab presentation slides till the wee hours of the morning

(Photo credit: R.A.)


265: The twenty-minute-turned-an-hour-or-so lab presentation; Stanley Cup -Game 6: Bruins win!

264: Finally got to run outside after more than a week of running hiatus – blame it on “excuses, excuses.”  Not bad – under 40min 4 miles.

263: Summer student’s first day in the lab – first experiment: transformation of competent cells with flu HA plasmids; Stanley Cup – Bruins bring home the Cup back to Boston after 39 years!!!

Which brings us to today: Failed first experiment for the summer student; Another transfection experiment put off because I put in an order too late and the reagent didn’t come in on time; A good friend defended her thesis today – another batchmate getting her PhD! and finally getting to do some yoga after  two weeks – what a difference two weeks make, it was challenging to do the poses!


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