271: Soccer Tutorial

I never thought I would be a soccer coach.  Now, I’m officially the unofficial coach of the WRAP U18 team that will compete in the invitational soccer tournament this coming Saturday.  This role didn’t really materialize until a couple of weeks ago, when I agreed to take on this “project” in lieu of MW’s three-month leave of absence to conduct a global health study in Thailand.  MW is the director of WRAP and the coordinator for all soccer-related activities.  I thought I would only be organizing the WRAP team and attending meetings with the other community leaders involved in the tournament.  I think I bit off more than I can chew.   Since I came into the picture a little late, I could not find anyone to act as the coach of the team.  WRAP does not really have a volunteer coach (except maybe for Coach Bob, but I don’t know to what extent he is helping out, aside from the Sunday afternoon scrimmage that the boys usually have).   So, I decided to take on this responsibility myself.  Now I have to learn the sport and learn how to be a coach.  I hope I can inspire them to play their best, but I don’t know if I can inspire them to come up with strategic plays, etc.  I’ll leave that to their team captain.

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