283: Not my typical Thursday

It was gorgeous today. The sun was out, there was a cool breeze in the air and it felt like summer is just around the corner.

But it was gloomy inside me.  And the allergy symptoms aren’t helping.  I spent most of the day blowing my nose.  My eyes itched like crazy and my contacts decided to fold itself in the middle of a blink; it folded three more times before I got it out of my eye.  And I did not bring my glasses, so I had to put it back.  And I did not feel like writing even a word for this article that I’m supposed to be finishing.  And I did not have enough cells to set-up an experiment.  And my other cells were not confluent enough to be split or passed or be plated for a transfection tomorrow.  I’m taking off this weekend, so no over-the-weekend experiments for me.  That means any productivity in the lab will have to be moved next week.  And I had an omelet for lunch.  A huge one.  Three hours later,  I got a call from a friend – she was feeling depressed.  Misery loves company, so I went to chat with her over  pizza and beer. And I had a yoga class after the unplanned binge. And I did all the yoga poses under the influence – sort of semi-drunk (I had two beers).  It was almost trance-like.  Good thing I did not vomit.  I was surprised I was still able to have good balance.  And I did not feel relaxed afterwards.  And during the ride back home, I had to hear the two Katy Perry songs that I can’t stand.  And I was supposed to get stuff for my sister to send to her for her birthday, but I wasn’t in the mood for shopping.  And there is no more American Idol results show to watch.  And I felt the whole day was a waste.

But in retrospect, it wasn’t a waste after all.  I think I needed this day – a perfect sunny day to sulk and to just bask in the disappointments and sadness and helplessness.  I was able to just let all this negative energy flow out of me.  Tomorrow is definitely going to be a better day.

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