285: 8 mile(s)

No, this is not about Eminem’s song.  This is about my long-postponed long run.  The supposed longest training run for a half marathon, before taper week.  The weekend schedule has been crazy lately that the longest training run (which is ideally 10 miles) has been pushed and procrastinated – several times.  Add to that the crappy weather we had the last couple of weeks and the terrible allergy I’ve been having every time I spend time outdoors.  Now, it’s five days till half-marathon day and I just needed to do this.  So this morning, I woke up with one clear goal in mind – to run at least 8 miles and just forget about taper week.  I am so happy that I did it (finally!) and I did well!  I ran four miles on the treadmill and four miles outdoors, to limit my time spent outside and lessen the allergy symptoms that I’m sure will be bothering me later.  I was surprised I ran faster than my last half-marathon pace, that now, I could actually aim for under 2:10 half-marathon finish.  I finished the 4 mile treadmill run in 35 minutes!  It was harder running outside though, with the hilly course I mapped out for myself and the humidity.  But I still finished the next 4 miles under 40 minutes (39++)!  I’m really feeling good about this coming Sunday’s run.  Wohoo!

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