291: Best Time

I slept over last night at my friend Lucy’s apartment after meeting with friends (A and I) over dinner and beer.    She has a white board where random stuff are written, but I’ve noticed that a certain list has been up on the board for a while now.  It’s a list of different “activities” and the best time of the day to do them.  She got it from some magazine (I think?).  I don’t know the reason or the explanation as to why a certain activity is best done at a certain time of the day (and Lucy couldn’t remember the details as well), but I’m writing it here for future reference.

Best Time To Have…

Sex                              7am

A job interview     10-11am

Pain                            3-5pm

Workout                   5-7pm

Break Bad News     6-7pm

Creativity                 8-9pm

Sleep                           4 hours after dinner

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