297: Pollen

I’ve been writing beautiful things about Spring, and all of them are true!  The only complaint I have is the seasonal allergies it brings with it.  I’ve never had such severe allergies as the one I’m having this year.  Well, there was the rashes I got a couple of winters ago ( cold urticaria, or allergy to cold weather – yes, after a year of follow-up consultations with an Allergy doctor, I am allergic to cold weather), which I think triggered a cascade of other allergic symptoms that become apparent every Fall-to-Winter transition and early Spring.  Since then, I’ve been taking an allergy tablet a day – I haven’t been very good at it the past two weeks, and I’m sure this just worsened my reaction to pollen.  I am just bummed that I had to run on the treadmill instead of outside because my eyes are super-irritated.  I had to buy antihistamine drops to soothe the inflammation – my eyes are puffy I look like I’ve been crying all night.  I’m just glad this is just for a few days (I am hoping it will subside this weekend, I need to do my long run outside!).

Edited to add: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110513/ap_on_he_me/us_allergy_season

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