298: Gone too soon

I only know one person named Omar.  He passed away yesterday.  He was 24 years old, just 5 days shy of his 25th birthday.

I’ve only met Omar in person a couple of times.  My sister, Irene, was his girlfriend since college.  He was diagnosed with Stage IV bone cancer in 2008.  He went into remission in 2009 and even went back to work for almost a year, before the cancer staged a comeback mid-2010.  When I met him earlier in 2010, he looked healthy and happy, and if you did not know he went through aggressive cancer treatment (which also involved taking out part of the bone in his leg to prevent the cancer from spreading), you will say he was a vibrant young adult, ready to take on whatever life hurls at him.  Well, he did take what life gave him.  And he fought well.

Most of what I know about Omar I learned from the stories that Irene told me.  And I think that if my sister loved you that much, that she would put off her life plans to be with you for chemotherapy and treatments, that she would decide to stick with you even when the horizon is shrouded by dark clouds, then you must be one heck of a person!  I will never know the extent of what Omar had to go through, but I have seen what Irene has gone through, and she came out better and stronger than ever!  Thank you Omar for being a part of my sister’s life.  I am certain that she has an angel watching over her now.

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