Countdown to 299

299 days to go before the big 3-0!  The last few days were crazy – in a good way.

No Science for the weekend.

A choir practice turned bonding moment at I-Hop.

Thai food galore courtesy of Rod Dee.

A Saturday of sports, starting with my long run in the pouring rain, my soccer mom duties for the WRAP kids (they won by the way, 8-2, with two of my kids scoring 3 goals each!), and an all-night sports cheering party for the Boston Celtics and Manny Pacquiao.

Coffee, dinner and a movie after Sunday Mass in Boston.

Driving back to Worcester via Route 20 (Boston Post Road) and seeing the quaint little town centers of Watertown, Waltham, Weston, Sudbury, Marlborough, Northborough and Shrewsbury.

I knew the weekend was going to be busy, but I did not expect it to be spontaneous and fun-filled as well.  Sometimes you just have to grab life as it grabs you and takes you for a ride.  It was one fun ride.

Except for the Spring-time allergies.  I managed though.


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