304: Chasing rainbows

We had weird weather this afternoon.  It’s as if Mother Nature can’t quite decide if she wants to let go of the cumulo-nimbus clouds or hold on to them while trying to sprinkle a dash of sunshine here and there.  The five-minute walk to the parking lot was a testament to her fickle-mindedness, as if she is having her monthly period.  Maybe she is PMS-ing.  I don’t know.  It was big raindrops one minute and glaring sunshine the next.  It was windy and breezy as I cross the street and by the time I reached my car, the wind decided to calm down a bit.  The nice thing that came out of all of this were the rainbows I saw while walking to my car and driving to my yoga class.   They were chunky rainbows, with thick bands and bright colors!  I just had to stop by the roadside to take a photo.   I almost wished I had more time to take pictures, but I was running late for yoga class.  This was the best angle I could get without having to go too far from the road and too close to the water.

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