305: On a hiatus

It’s been three days since the last entry.  I know, I was not very good in keeping this blog up to date.  There’s no excuse, really.  It was not even a planned “hiatus.”  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, about the near future and the long-term goals.  There is a lot needed to be done to finish the PhD, but I also have personal matters to attend to.  It’s quite chaotic now that I’m trying to re-hash all of them in my brain, all the thoughts just streaming like a river after a heavy rain.  As I try to write things down, they don’t make any sense, but in my heart they do.  And I think I’m keeping them here, in my heart – for now.


We had such glorious Spring weather over the weekend!  I hope these photos capture how lovely the weekend was.


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