312: Marathons

I did not get in the NY ING Marathon 2011.

This was my second attempt at the lottery, and I didn’t make it – again. I am thinking of registering for the Bay State Marathon in Lowell, MA in October, but I’m still not sure. The next few months are very unpredictable, especially the -BER months, and it’s hard to set something when you don’t even know what to expect or where I am going to be. I am planning on finishing the PhD by Fall, but I don’t know if I want to do it early fall or late fall. I am preparing an application for a policy fellowship in Washington, D.C., and if I get accepted would require me to move to D.C. for 3 months. I am currently in a “writing marathon” as well – I have a bunch of essays that I need to finish by May 1 for the fellowship application and I am writing up the discussion part of my long-overdue paper, which my P.I. suggested I finish whether I get the needed results for the last two Figures of the paper or not. This is going to be a lot of writing in the next couple of days. I hope I deliver.


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