314/313: Three Haikus

1. Hitting the pavement

I see you and tomorrow

And the days ahead.


2. I know how I feel

I’m not sure you do, do you?

But it was not said.


3. A crisp wisp of air

Something magical out there

It envelopes me.


(A sampler of my thoughts during my afternoon run.  I usually listen to podcasts when I run, but this time I had the music on and I  just let my thoughts run along with my feet.  I didn’t even notice the music that much.  There were thoughts and ideas and feelings that needed sorting out and I let them all flow with the music and with the pounding of my shoes on the pavement and with the beating of my heart to my chest.  The thoughts were not sorted out, but I’ve laid them out to get a better view of them.)

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