316/315: Spring awakening!

Happy Easter!

The weekend has been busy, but it was a joyous one!   It was my first Easter Sunday mass with a Filipino priest presiding since coming to the United States.  Fr. Aquino’s homily was very spot on and it was refreshing to have a Filipino perspective on things.  I have to say that Catholic spirituality, although universal, has its nuances and living the word of God depends on your culture and background as an individual.  His homily touched on the sentiments of a Catholic Filipino and it made me pray a lot for my family and friends, especially those back home in the Philippines, during the mass. I wish I could share his homily with you (will work on getting a copy).  It was also a privilege to be asked to sing the Responsorial Psalm.  “Ito Ang Araw” (This is the Day) is one of my favorite psalms, and I was lucky enough to have Fr. Aquino, the arranger and composer of the psalm, to accompany me on piano. I have not sung in front of so many people (aside from the now and then karaoke sessions) for a while and it was really nerve-wracking.  It was very satisfying to hear that I did a great job with psalm!  The psalm also inspired me to take today as THE day and to face each day as THE day that God has given me.  Tomorrow will always be a great day, no matter the heartaches or trials or difficulties I may encounter, because it will always be a gift and a blessing.

Happy Easter!

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