320:Pride and Prejudice hangover

Ahhh, this always happens to me when I start a run of Pride and Prejudice.  I remember the last time I watched the BBC series, it jump started a Pride and Prejudice-related marathon of sorts.  I ended up downloading the audio book and listening to it in my car on the way to the lab and bought the printed book as well.  I watched the 2005 movie with Keira Knightley, Jane Austen’s biopic “Becoming Jane” with Anne Hathaway as Jane and the chick flick “Jane Austen’s Book Club.”  If I remember correctly, I also watched the Bollywood version, Bride and Prejudice, just a month or so before tackling the 6-hour long miniseries.  For some reason, the story of Pride and Prejudice never gets old or dull for me.  It is very real and if put into today’s modern context, the underlying philosophies and views on women, love, pride and social status are still there and are still things that most people in relationships – family, friendship, romance – have to deal with.  So, when my P.I. left for the day, I went to YouTube and checked out the trailers for the different versions of Pride and Prejudice.  I ended up spending almost two hours in the lab watching clips from the miniseries, song and dance numbers from the Bollywood movie and even fan-related videos.  I am also planning on re-reading the book and reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies after.  I know.  Crazy.  That’s just how my hangovers work.


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