324-323-322-321: What a weekend!

How to cover four days in the short time that I have alloted for writing a blog entry….

It was one jam packed weekend!  no science or lab work involved – except for today.  The third Monday of April is always a holiday here in Massachusetts.  It’s Patriots Day, the day that commemorates the beginning of the revolution against the British forces that paved the way to America’s independence.  It is also the day of the Boston Marathon, now on its 115th running (pun intended).  My good friend Bing and a few other friends from NY visited me and the gang for the weekend.  We are all running the BAA 5k, one day before the actual marathon.  What’s great about this experience is that you get to cross the Boston Marathon finish line.  The course is also very scenic and mostly flat.  Now that I have ran both the BAA 5k and the BAA half marathon, my desire to one day finish a Boston marathon was fired up!  This is one running goal I really hope I can achieve.

Friday before the running event, I had a movie marathon of the BBC miniseries Pride and Prejudice featuring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle as Mr. Darcy and Lizzy.  I’ve seen this movie before and when I had this opportunity to watch it again with a certified Jane Austen fan, I didn’t say no.  It is the best movie version of Pride and Prejudice in my opinion.

Today, I just had to watch the live telecast of the Boston Marathon before going to the lab – I couldn’t resist missing it. Since I moved to MA in 2004, I’ve followed the marathon on TV.  I’ve only missed the telecast twice – the first time, I took part in the Patriots Day festivities in Lexington, MA, the site of the first gunshot of the revolution.  The second time was last year when I went home to the Philippines.  I almost had a chance to watch it live today, but the call of the lab experiment was something I cannot put off any longer (I have been putting this experiment for most of last week).

And this is the condensed version of the weekend that was.

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