325: A better day

What a difference a sunny day makes!  The perfect spring weather greeted me this morning and coaxed me to put on a cheerful disposition today.  It also helped that I was able to chat with my good friend Bing over the phone last night.  She always helps me put things into perspective, among other things.  I guess that’s why she is one of my closest friends.  There is no judgment, only trust and understanding. So after a good night’s sleep, I faced today with a much better attitude.  It was also nice to come to a lab that has super shiny and clean floors!  I forgot that my lab mate asked to have our lab floors cleaned last night, so I was pleasantly surprised to see our floors squeaky and “sparkly” clean.  Although I was not able to accomplish much in terms of thesis-related work, I feel way better than yesterday.  I took in all the sun that I could possibly take in, having my afternoon snack by the glass windows overlooking the lake and hitting the back roads of Sterling for a short run before my yoga class.  There will definitely be crappy days ahead, but with a little sprinkle of sunshine and some encouragement from good friends, we can have a happy-crappy day.

Image Credits: http://backstage.blogs.com/unscripted/2011/02/inspiration-part-4-the-sunshine-is-out-.html


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