326: Positivity (or lack thereof)

It didn’t help that today is such a gloomy one.  The weather and my overall demeanor for the day seems to have aligned and decided to dump all this “crappiness” in one go.  It also didn’t help to have people around you that can push certain buttons and make you feel worse – they just suck out every ounce of sunshine that is left.  I actually went to the back room, where we keep our incubator and tissue culture hoods, and cried with all my heart in the presence of my T-cell lines.  The blowing air from the hoods muffled my sobs and the piles of paper towels dried the tears.   I was still stifling my sadness while feeding my cells.  It was that bad.  It’s all a combination of stress, frustration, looming deadlines, and personal disappointments.  I guess I just have to accept the fact that today is a sulky-kind-of-moody-day.

Image credit: http://xkcd.com/828/

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