329: Operation Surprise Birthday Party (OSBP)

I don’t usually write my entries early in the morning, but today is an exception.  I had to wake up earlier than usual on a weekend and a full day awaits.  It’s my roommate ATL’s 30th birthday and we planned a surprise birthday party for her.  There are a few constraints in planning this event, the most obvious is how to get things ready without her noticing.  We (my other roommate RFM and I) have joined forces with ATL’s boyfriend so that we can have most of the day preparing for the party.

ATL and the BF just left for a one-day adventure date of ziplining and exploring the Berkshires.  RFM already left to pick up the birthday cake; her high school friend is coming to visit, and will have to go to Hartford later today, so most of the cooking will be done by me.  I haven’t done my grocery shopping yet.  I can’t buy the stuff before today, or else ATL will notice.  After this entry and after a full breakfast, I have to do a super woman act – do grocery shopping, house cleaning, get a load of laundry going to have clean kitchen towels, among others, and maybe insert a short run in between.  The rest of the afternoon will be spent in the kitchen cooking.

And so, OSBP commences.

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