333: Journeyman Pictures

It all started with a YouTube search about the Philippines.  I clicked on a clip about Jeepneys in the Philippines, which was produced by Journeyman Pictures.  I was amazed at the quality of the video production, almost documentary-like.  It turned out that Journeyman Pictures hosts a YouTube channel filled with short documentaries from all over the world.  I have to admit, I am a sucker for documentaries.  I’ve just spent the last hour or so watching their short docu’s about the Garcias of Cebu and the dancing inmates, Prime Minister Berlusconi’s sex scandal in Italy (which made me look at Italy on a different light) and the Population Explosion in the Philippines.  The last one, I thought was very pertinent, with the on-going debate on the Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines.

This is actually an older documentary, but it brings very important points to the table, and does a good job presenting a balanced report on the population problem in the country.  I will defer my opinions and POVs on the matter in a different medium though.

I’m definitely keeping a link to Journeyman Pictures here.  As their channel says, they are “like a video encyclopedia of the world.” Up next, a documentary about Kazakhstan, beyond “Borat.”

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