336: Railroad Xing

Rota Spring Farm in Sterling, MA has the best ice cream in my opinion (see previous post).  So a day like today, the day after that freak snow storm, deserves a trip to get a scoop of Java Lava and perhaps try out a new flavor.  It was sunny and in the upper forties when on our way to Sterling and we had to stop for several train cars.  I think there were at least 25-30 of these cargo cars, and this was already the tail end.  It still took a while and with not much to do, I started to take pictures of the cars (below) and of ourselves (not pictured).

Incidentally, rain clouds started appearing and for the rest of the drive, we were worried that we won’t be able to enjoy our ice cream outside.  However, Mother Nature took pity on us and gave us back the sun and blue skies as we entered the final mile of our journey.  This time I had a scoop of Java Lava and Almond Almond.  Mmmmm!


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