338: And so it snows

I told everyone I will wait for the first snowflake to fall before I worry about tomorrow’s supposed winter weather.  I think Mother Nature heard about my stubbornness and made snow fall earlier than it was expected.  The winter weather was not supposed to start till about 10pm tonight, but on my way to the 6:30 yoga class, I was already driving in the midst of snowflakes falling.  So it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke after all, as I was hoping deep inside.  I don’t look forward to snow shoveling at all, but it looks like we’ll be getting at least six inches for sure.

All day, this snow storm was the topic of every conversation.  This was the first thing my lab mate told me this morning.  The lunch room conversation was dominated by this spring anomaly, and everyone had a different number to give when it comes to expected snow accumulations.  Still others say its going to last until Saturday morning.  It was the final conversation I had with my lab mate before leaving.  It was the first thing my yoga classmate yakked about when I came for yoga class.  I didn’t know snow in spring can be a great conversation topic (note the sarcasm here)!  I just kept telling myself that soon enough we’ll be talking about sunshine and outdoor adventures and milder temperatures.  I told myself “just bear this final (hopefully) brunt from winter and all will be fine.”  And the nice thing about a Spring Snow Storm, my lab mate tells me, is that any accumulation will be gone in a couple of days.  I can take that.

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