339: Comeback kid

Spring springs back.  At least for a day.

It was blue skies, gentle breeze and in the 50s this afternoon, just perfect!  I also came back from my not so good run last Sunday.  I ran 3mi yesterday and 5 mi today. I just can’t let a good day pass without me enjoying it and I won’t let my allergy symptoms stop me from going outside.  I think part of the reason why I’m feeling under the weather the past couple of days is that the spring air makes my eyes really dry and my nose runny.  (I guess my nose won’t let my legs do all the running).  It was just glorious to be outside, running at a comfortable pace and seeing other people enjoying the weather as well.  I haven’t run this route by Lake Quinsigamond since January, when there were still mountains of snow accumulation that eliminated the sidewalks.  I also have to say that a few homes got their grills busy – I could smell the burning coals and the aroma of meaty goodness wafting through the air.  I think everyone is just living the moment right now, and it’s all well and good.  We have a snow storm forecast come Thursday night into Friday and they are saying we might get at least 8 inches to up to a foot of snow.  Whatever.  I’m just glad I took advantage of this beautiful day and made the most of it.  Let the Snow Miser take on Spring for a day.  Spring made a comeback today and we all had a blast.

And by the way, after Friday (which is April Fools – who knows this winter weather is just a prank Mother Nature is pulling on us), I’m pretty sure Spring is sticking around this time.


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