342: Dropping the “T minus”

I was driving on the Pike today and thought I should just drop the “T minus” in my blog posts.  I don’t know why my train of thought led me to this, but it does save me a few milliseconds of typing (!?!?!).

As for today’s adventure, it was consist of Sunday Mass, a little running and lots of laundry.  Allow me to begin with my “failed” attempt on a short run.  I was only able to run about 2 or so miles today, which was disappointing.  I was off to a good start and didn’t really mind the cold wind that was blowing against me.   However, after the first mile, I felt queasy.  This was the first time it happened to me this winter.  I’ve done a few outdoor runs over the course of winter, and even at temperatures lower than today.  It would take a while for the muscles to warm up, but I haven’t felt dizzy or queasy until today.  The fact that I almost vomited on the sidewalk made me decide to just stop running and walk back home.  I had breakfast, so it was not that my stomach was empty.  I think the combination the chilly air and super sunny skies was too much for me, making me feel light-headed, hence the queasiness.  It’s back to running on the treadmill for now.  I just hope we get back to low 40s soon so that I can get back to running outside.

Sunday Mass was at the MIT chapel.  The Filipino Catholic community in the Boston area sponsors a mass every term in MIT, and today was that day.  I haven’t sung with the choir in a while, and it was refreshing to learn new harmonies and sing with such great voices!  Of course, the post-mass refreshments is also something we always look forward to.  There was pansit and lumpia (regular fares in Filipino gatherings), along with two kinds of salads, pork loin asado, mango and orange mousse, and donuts.  I was in a table with MIT undergraduates and I had an interesting chat with them.  They certainly have that “genius” aura going for them, and I’m sure those guys are going to be somebody great some day.  One guy was a first-year graduate student doing particle physics, the girl sitting across me was a sophomore with a concentration in biology and the one next to me studies brain and cognitive science.  It was also nice that they thought I was also an MIT undergrad (which means I could pass for a 20-year old!), although my friend Ades told me when we left, “I don’t think you want to be an MIT student, they don’t look too fashionable (or something along those lines).”

The rest of the day (and the start of my day) was delegated to a laundry extravaganza.  I haven’t done laundry in almost three weeks – the spring cleaning I did last weekend was spent sorting out the dirty clothes and deciding which ones to throw away, give away or keep.  I am now down to a final load, but because I’ve move stuff around my closet and didn’t finish organizing,  I ended up not having enough space to put the clean clothes.  Now, I have postponed doing the last load and will spend the last few hours of the day putting away some of the winter stuff to make way for the laundered ones.

And now I have to scram.  The closet is waiting for me.




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