T minus 343: Spring fever

After a very interesting discussion on the state of science in the Philippines with Filipino professionals and students in Cambridge, I spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the sunshine-filled day window shopping in Harvard Square with Ades, Arlene and Karen.  It was mid-30degF  but we didn’t mind the chilly breeze that occasionally whiffs through.  We even spent a good while just hanging out and getting every single ray of sunshine we can – our version of sunbathing in winter-like weather.  We were all bundled up in our winter outerwear, drinking hot chocolate (and really good chocolate!) and watching the people go by (with a special interest in cute boys)!  I even got a little spring fix.  I bought myself a cute, little yellow umbrella and floral wedge shoes.  It was good catching up with them, especially Ades, who has become my closest guy/gay friend.  I can’t wait for milder weather, maybe we can go for another bike ride or paddle a kayak on the Charles.

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