T minus 344: Summer – in the Philippines that is

I want to be in a place where it is warm and sunny, where you can just run to crystal clear blue waters and take a quick swim… alas, I am in New England.

This time of the year in the Philippines is when kids get out of school and summer kicks in.  I have fond memories of summer, especially those spontaneous trips to the beach or the (almost) annual vacation we have in Bohol.  They were always fun!  I actually hate opening my facebook account this time of the year because a lot of the stuff I see on my news updates are friends planning a weekend beach getaway, or pictures of recent day trips, or exchanges about taking a day hike somewhere.  I thought of going to Puerto Rico during my birthday weekend, but funds and time constraints (and more importantly lab constraints) prevented me from going.  Now, I feel like I really need to get some serious sunshine soon.  There is just a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about the next few months that is driving me crazy right now.  A little dash of sunshine can really make a difference, in my opinion.  Or maybe I am just looking for an excuse to get away from all this craziness.  I would love that.  But the remaining sane part of me is telling me to stay put, suck it in, and just get things done as soon as possible.  However, I feel like this approach is actually counterproductive – the more I tell myself to just go do it, the more I feel the desire to escape.

Or maybe I am just having the PMS.  In any case, a little bit of sunshine is always welcome.  Good thing it was sunny today.


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