T minus 345: Missed post

There was no post yesterday.  “Like it matters”, I tell myself.  But it does, I guess, when I told myself earlier this month I am going to do this daily “blogging” until my 30th birthday.  It wasn’t because I forgot. It was due to my decision to leave the laptop in the lab.  Oh well.  The nice thing about having no internet when I get home is that I get to do more pre-bedtime reading and I get to sleep earlier than usual.

As for today, I feel like my mind is swimming in a sea of alphabet soup, each letter representing thoughts and ideas and song lyrics and things to do.  Somehow, I couldn’t focus today and I should be proud that I was able to set-up an experiment without messing it up – well, I forgot to put the plate in the 37degC incubator for the 30 minutes that it was supposed to be cooking, but other than that, I got my cells and peptides and controls in the right wells.  Here’s to hoping I get the results that I want tomorrow.


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