T minus 349: Wannabe Soccer Mom

I have been volunteering for WRAP for about a year now and for the last few months, most of my Sunday afternoons involve picking up and driving refugee kids to play indoor soccer.  I usually pick up the same four boys every time and I love the conversations we have during our short ride to their soccer practice.  There is this one boy who is really into pop music and would ask to have the volume turned up when he hears a song by Bruno Mars or Flo.rida.  The other two boys are brothers who look alike (and at first I’ve mistaken for twins).   These three boys are among the better players in the bunch and WRAP helped out in getting a scholarship for them so that they can play in the youth soccer leagues here in Worcester (and I should say they got everyone a scholarship slot in the leagues).  Now that they have been practicing with their respective youth leagues every Saturday, they have stories of their games when they get into my car come Sunday afternoon.  Just today, they were telling me how they “smothered” the other team – 15 goals to nothing!  I feel like a proud soccer mom hearing their stories.  Then there’s the fourth one, the comic.  I’ve been warned about him being hyper and all, and they were right.  I don’t think he is really into soccer like the rest of the other boys I pick up, but he livens up the car ride with his antics (although it can get overwhelming sometimes getting him to calm down).  Today was the last scheduled WRAP soccer practice for the winter season, and the coordinator was not able to find an outdoor park for them to play.  I am hoping they find one soon, now that the weather has become more favorable for outdoor activities.  I will miss the Sunday afternoon craziness if they decide to cancel soccer practice for these boys.


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