T minus 353: A paragraph from “Bursts”

I really found “Bursts” quite an interesting read.  I thought this paragraph from one of the last chapters sums up the cool thing about this book:

“From my perspective, one of the most important findings of this new science is this: When we break our lives down to numbers, formulas and algorithms, we are actually much more similar to one another than we might be ready to admit.  Granted you do what you think is best for you, and you do it when you can and when it is the most convenient for you.  You may live in L.A. and I in Boston, you may be Asian and I Hungarian, you may run a restaurant while I do research, teach, and occasionally write books.  These differences do matter; no one has ever really questioned that.  But if we focus on our actions and their timing, we see patterns that are not unique to you and me.  They pertain to billions.  We are simultaneously bursty and quite regular.  Apparently random yet deeply predictable.  Sure, some events we face are quite haphazard.  But the way we cruise through them is universal.”

-Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

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