T minus 356: Celtic 5k

I shaved 3 minutes off my personal best for a 5k today!  I didn’t even set a goal.  I was just excited to finally run on a snow-free path!  I guess all the winter running that I have been doing paid off.  I never thought I would go under a 9 minute per mile pace, but I did it!  It helped that the course was relatively flat and the weather was nice and “warm” (41 deg F, with some clouds).  This was the inaugural 5k race in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day here in Worcester.  The road race was followed by the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.  I have to say that it was well-organized and well-attended for a first running.  There was enough water and food for everyone, and the course was well-marked and closed off to traffic.  I will do this again next year… that is if I’m still in Massachusetts next year.  There’s no telling where I will be in 2012.  We’ll just have to wait and see  as the days and months unfold.


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