The 29th year project: 365 days till the big 3-0

I turned 29 today.

This 4-word statement took a lot of courage to write, for I have convinced myself that I am only 25 years old for the last 4 years.  A few days shy of my 29th year, I have come to terms with myself, accepted the fact that I am indeed 28 turning 29, and decided to chronicle every single day till my 30th day in pictures, no matter how obscure or weird or uneventful it is.

So as an “inaugural” post, here is T minus 365 days till the big 3-0.

Waking up to another year of life adventures!  Add to that the voice messages I got from my parents where my dad played “Happy Birthday” with the violin and my mom singing a morning birthday serenade (I didn’t appreciate the fact that they called me up at 530am though… but because I love them so much, I will let this one go).


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