Winter in the Northeast is in full swing and the weather forecast was right this time.  As of writing, there is about 15 inches of snow outside and the snow is still falling.  I’ve already prepared myself to be snowbound and spend the day working at home.  This, as usually is the case, didn’t pan out.  I purposely slept in this morning, had a late breakfast and spent the rest of the morning taking photos of our resident backyard birdies taking refuge (and sustenance) from the snow-covered branches.  Afterwards, my laundry started beckoning for attention, and now I have committed myself to emptying the hamper – this would take the rest of the afternoon.  In between loads, I’ve started to sort through the pile of junk mail that is growing on my desk and put away holiday stuff that are still lying around my room.  Our landlady’s son already brought out the snow blower to clear out the driveway.  That means another hour is going to be delegated to digging the car out of the snow and shoveling the snow banks.  I’m sure I’ll be dead tired by evening.  For the nth time, WORK has given way to more pressing things…  I know better – I think I should just stay in the lab longer if I want anything work-related done.  Let’s just do that tomorrow.

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