And we’ve come to 2010’s final hours

What a year this has been!  Like any other year, it is not without happy moments, fun-filled adventures, frustrations and disappointments.  And like any other year that has come and gone, every 525,600 minutes of it has enriched my life in countless ways.  I bid 2010 and the first decade of the 21st century adieu…  Thank you for making me who I am today.  Even the so-called “wasted” times were not wasted, because when I look back, I enjoyed and learned something from them.  A new year unfolds before us and we can only face it with the best of who we are.  A Blessed and Peaceful New Year to all!!!


Edited to add:

One of the things I like about closing the old year is the “(insert phrase here)” countdowns and Top 10 “whatever” that people do to list down the highlights (and for some, the low points) of the year that was.  I would like to share some geek love and close out the year with the Top 10 ScienceNOW stories of 2010.

Science-2010-News of the Week-1603

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