And it’s December!

2010 flew by so quickly!  Only today did I fully realized that it is indeed the last month of the year.  The last three days, my mind was still wandering in November.  I thought I still have a good week to prepare for my lab meeting, 2 more weeks to get ready for my TRAC meeting (annual thesis research meeting), and a full month before Christmas comes.  I was wrong!  (Cramming mode initiate).

Today, my mind is filled with a thousand things to do, all revolving around these tasks and more!  I feel my heart palpitating – and over-caffeinating myself to overcome jetlag and lack of sleep is not helping. I am taking this moment here to pause and to collect myself.  Yes, there are a thousand things to do, but I don’t have to do all them all at the same time.  I’m taking this next 30 minutes to come up with a battle plan for the coming days, making sure that I do not sacrifice my work or my family and friends.  December, I am ready to face you!


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