Brunch on the branch



Backyard bird in Worcester, MA


I live close to a bird sanctuary.  Every morning, especially during spring time, I have a great view through the kitchen window of a variety of birds feeding on bird seeds that our landlady has strategically placed all over her backyard.  It’s always a sight to behold, especially when the red and blue birds come.  (I should look up what these birds are…).  I always thought of bringing out the camera and taking photos of them, but on weekday mornings, I’m always on a rush and keep forgetting about it.  This morning, while having a mid-day snack and looking out the kitchen window,  I saw the gang again and remembered to take out the camera!  It was a challenge shooting them because they were always moving around.  I had to keep still, be quiet and wait patiently so that they won’t fly away.  This was hard to do – it was quite chilly, and because I was too excited to take photos, I went out without a jacket and did not bother to put on my shoes.  My zoom lens wasn’t long enough to photograph them in great detail, but when I zoomed in on the images in the computer, they weren’t bad at all!  Here’s my favorite photo of the bunch I took today.

Edited to add:  The “blue” birds are blue jays and the red one is a male cardinal.


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