I am soooo glad this week is winding down.  This has been a hell of a week – although not in a negative kind of way.  It’s just jampacked than usual. 

Last weekend was a tad busier than my typical weekend – there’s choir practice, an afternoon with refugee kids driving them to and from their soccer game (I am a volunteer driver for this NGO in Worcester), a dinner party (glad I was not the host!) that turned out to be one big networking of Filipino students and professionals in the Boston area, and singing at the Filipino mass in Boston College.  I also had to present a scientific review for our journal club in the lab (this was Tuesday) and give a seminar about my thesis project to the faculty and students of my graduate program (this was today, and I am sooooo glad it is over).  I am not very good in planning and doing stuff ahead of time, so even though I’ve known that this week is going to be a busy one, I still ended up cramming.  Good thing I decided not to set-up or perform experiments in the lab for the last three days, or I would have gone bananas!  But this means this weekend is going to be payback time for skipping lab work.  Oh well.

And speaking of cramming, and its sister, procrastination, here’s a link to an interesting blog post about procrastinating.  It’s a bit long, but it’s a great way to spend procrastinating minutes.

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